Today, students are expected to have more than just academic knowledge. Earlier, job interviews would only consider intellectual parameters. However, getting a job as per individual liking is rare due to a disproportionate ratio between the number of students passing out from different institutes and dearth of adequate job opportunities. It is only the very best with sufficient professional skills who survive this ordeal.

ELDI is an initiative by Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd to bridge the critical divide between good academic qualification and lack of adequate technology skills. Our market niche is to provide practical work based training to unlock full potential of an aspiring professional. We help students and recruiting companies with our value added services to improve capacity planning and management.


Our infrastructure combines state-of-the-art IT laboratory and qualified experts who are constantly upgrading themselves as per the needs of the IT industry. Under the supervision of our expert faculties, classroom training sessions help aspiring IT professionals to gain much technical expertise and work skills. Our courseware is developed in consultation with our in-house experts and external consultants who have been in the IT industry for decades. We constantly benchmark our teaching curriculum against acclaimed professional institutes and international standards.