Hi my name is Rushvi and I was interested in learning web development. So the ELDI team guided me and I have joined ELDI as a WordPress student. Now I am in the last month of my internship and have learnt a lot by working on live projects. I have also worked on the ELDI website development and it has given me the confidence that I have the skills to grow my career in the web development field. I would like to thank the ELDI team and Elsner for giving me this opportunity and helping me achieve my dreams.


Hello! My name is Moksha Shah. I have joined ELDI as a React JS Student. I didn’t have the basic knowledge of Java Script but the ELDI team helped me learn from the basic level and now I have reached the advance level by learning through theory and practical classes. I have also worked on a few live projects which helped me understand the concepts in a better way. I am grateful to Elsner and ELDI


Hello i am keval maisuriya i joined the ELDI to learn the in january 2022. I have completed my course period and started a internship with proper stipend. I would like to learn in practical way by working on a live project since second month of the program. i would like to thanks to Elsner Technology and ELDI for helping me and grow my career.